Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Chamber Supports Women

The Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce has a number of business councils to support a variety of target audiences. One of their biggest and longest standing councils is the Women's Business Council. Let's face it, as women we experience unique challenges in the business world. We like to talk about fashion and the kids. Men like to talk about sports... and ... well, sports. At least that's my experience. That's why I'm trying my darndest to watch Sports Center now. It's not going very well. I'd rather watch Project Runway... but I digress.  

The council aims to support women and help them succeed. If we are able to find sources of funding, learn the keys to success and meet the people who can make our business dreams a reality- we can achieve the goal of being "Bold In Business".

I spoke with The Chamber's Vice President Laura Dehmer about the Chamber's efforts and got a chance to thank her for connecting us at the Bold in Business seminar this week. There's something very motivating about seeing a room full of women looking for ways to become a powerful source in their industry. 

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